These are the the House rules I am using for the game that is engine behind this comic. It’s organizational roots are aligned with Necrotic Gnomes’ Old School Essentials, but has quite a bit of Marco Delmonte’s and Bruce Heard’s BECMI rule expansions, I have ideas from Running Beagle’s B/X Companion, and other rule sets. I also have miniatures rules on paper and book reference that I will be adding to this part of the site as my rules get codified. This is my dream set of rules that I know work, but have never been able to get play tested. I do not believe in BALANCE as something that is necessary in the rule set and is something that should be controlled by the Dungeon Master.

How to Fight

How to Roll Stats and Adjust them Over Time.

Additional Psychic Powers

Here are some links of rule sets and creators that
I have used for my own house rules:

Necrotic Gnome’s Old School Essentials

New Big Dragon’s Basic Psionics Handbook

Running Beagle Game’s B/X Companion

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Bruce Heard’s Blog