Not everyone who you thought was dead is actually dead. The fight continues!

This is my system for who dies. When a character reaches 0 hit points, they are immediately out of the fight. They may or may not be unconscious based on the wound that put them to zero. Every round a character goes without first aid, they loose another hit point. When they reach negative hit points equal to their Constitution, they die.

If a character reaches really low hit points, I’m depicting them as wounded, but still standing. If a character is at negative hit points, and has received some help and is not loosing any more hit points, I will have them either unconscious, or so hurt they are just lying there, like they broke a leg or something. A character can make a constitution check to stay awake long enough to perform first aid on him or herself if the wound wasn’t severe enough.

Anyway, that’s my system for kicking the shit out of the characters that you are seeing playing out in front of you.

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