These are the the House rules I am using for the game that is engine behind this comic. It’s foundation is Basic D&D’s BECMI rules, but has quite a bit of Marco Delmonte’s and Bruce Heard’s BECMI rule expansions, I have ideas from Running Beagle’s B/X Companion, and other rule sets. These rules aren’t ‘Basic’ anymore. I also have miniatures rules on paper and book reference that I will be adding to this part of the site as my rules get codified. This is my dream set of rules that I know work, but have never been able to get play tested. I do not believe in BALANCE as something that is necessary in the rule set and is something that should be controlled by the Dungeon Master.

How to Fight

How to Fight: part 2

Critical Hit Tables


How to Fight: part 3

Combat Maneuvers

Weapon Mastery

Mass Combat

How to Roll Stats and Adjust them Over Time

Multi, Dual, and Racial Class Rules

Elven / Human Relations

Additional Psychic Powers

Magic: A Project Primordium


Intelligent Species

New Classes

Here are some links of rule sets and creators that
I have used for my own house rules:

Necrotic Gnome’s Old School Essentials

New Big Dragon’s Basic Psionics Handbook

Running Beagle Game’s B/X Companion

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Bruce Heard’s Blog