The conceit of this comic is that all results of all the actions of the characters are rolled out just like in a real table-top D&D game. Saving Throws, Charisma Checks, Combat, all of the usual things that rolled for. I do have all the rolls recorded in a book, and I still don’t know if that is something that should be shared, or even how.

BUT this means that I also have the character sheets for our Player characters. I have one on paper that I scribble their equipment and hit points on but I also have nicer ones where you can see their stats and a picture of them so you can get an idea of how powerful these characters are. And they are all here! Enjoy!

Illerya at level 1

Cullyn at level 1

Blueblade at level 1

Hacklore at level 1

Sarkin at level 1

Trenton at level 1

Napoleon at level 1

Illerya at Level 2

Napoleon at level 2